Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Hey everyone!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Firstly I will introduce myself by saying my name is Nikki Porter and I am creating this blog for anyone out there who is stuck for healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner that will allow them to lose or maintain their weight and a healthy lifestyle. I will try to post a new recipe each week in order to keep you updated with a variety of meal options.

I am a strong supporter of Weight Watchers and consequently each of my recipes will provide the points value per serve. I hope you like the recipes I post and please feel free to comment them as you wish!



Just T said...

Great idea for a blog, Nikki. As I wrote in the WW board, I have added your blog to my blog reads, and will be a regular visitor for those yummy healthy recipes!

Thank you for sharing them with us.

Tina (Teenyr on WW boards)

traceyngrant said...

Fantastic idea Nikki - I was only thinking about that yesterday when I added yet another fabulous recipe idea to my word document.

Will look forward to reading your posts.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki,

Great idea... thanks for sharing your recipes, I look forward to seeing new and exciting ones!

Jen :)

Anonymous said...

absoulty wonder website Nikki i will use it heaps thanks for doing this


karla said...

Great idea, Looking forward to more healthy recipes to come! It's handy having the points worked out for us...makes meal selection easy!


Berrie said...

oh nikki great blog and its great to have a listing on the side for us to choose...keep up the great work it is great i will share this with all my friends...
berrie xx

Anonymous said...

Have just made your Pumpkin & Bean stew (with slight variation) for lunch. My husband, who is a vegetarian, thinks it's delicious and it's not often he says that. Looking forward to trying more.
Thanks for sharing.\

callumsmum said...

Hurray for you!!!!!!
I find this site really helpful & I can't wait to test out some of the recipes.
Thankyou for your time & effort!
(callumsmum on WW)

jetsetterjess said...

Loving the blog Nikki! Want to try a few of the recipes and I'm finding the eating out points guide & other bits and pieces very useful!

spencer said...

why can i not redeem my 40 points won at work store #28727 carroll,Ia

spencer said...

why can i not redeem my 40 points won at work store #28727 carroll,Ia

Anonymous said...

I cant believe I managed to track this blog down, I remember finding it a few years ago, and I think back then you had a pic of yourself at goal? I was in total awe, but seeing as I lived at home and there was no way my parents would let me in the kitchen I couldnt really use any of your tips.. anyway, I have finally moved out, and sadly I am way bigger than ever so I will attempt some of these recipes. Thanks for much for the blog!!